The attunements

I ll be doing the fallowing attunements:

Lightarian reiki
Lightarian rays
Lightarian purification rings
Imara Reiki

These attunements costs 5 USD separately and it will be done once /month live, so u will have to make some time for it.It won t take more than 30 min.

I wanna make something clear .U don t pay the attunements , u re paying my TIME .U know the saying : Time is money :)

If u decide to contact me  I m gonna need to mail me your full name, date of births and address.

After this  i m gonna mail u if u are energetically FIT to be atuned after that u can purchase the attunements.
U don t have to be a reiki master to get the atunement but u need a high vibration to be effective.

Don t expect certificates for this price , cause there wont be any but you WILL get a well done attunement and some powerful tools in your work .

I f u decide  to take the attunements  mail me  at .Only 1 atunement can be dome at once.

Love @ light